Friday, August 17, 2012

Sometimes All It Takes Is a Little Nudge

This summer has been the summer of LOTS of video game time. My past restrictions got overruled, habits got put in place and there has been a lot of indoor time. And I meant a lot.

Compare this to last year, when the boys, at the very least, spent half to all of their days outside... I was starting to think I need to just make them get outside when hubby voiced his comment about how they don't go on their bikes or scooters any more. So, that was it, that afternoon, when the last child had finished his allotted computer game time, I kicked them all outside. (Well, I joined them, too...)

That's all it took! Since then, they boys have spent hours outside on their bikes and the (little) girls take turns with the one scooter or just play. All it took was a little nudge.

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