Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I've been working with the 17yo on fascism, specifically, reviewing Hitler. It led to me looking up things online and reading about Hitler's father, Alois.

Um, will anybody join me in saying: One Messed Up Guy!!! OMUG! lol

When Alois was 36, he married a 50yo woman--who was ill and became an invalid. She was rich. Only reason he married her. Not long after marrying her, he started an affair with a 19yo girl, who ended up pregnant. While having this affair, he hired a 16yo cousin to be a servant in the household. The mistress, Fanni, objected. I am guessing he was a little too close with the cousin.[Oh, just found one source that has suggested that he may have been close with her from when she was even younger. As in 9. sick]

His wife eventually died and he married Fanni, a couple years later she had another child, then Fanni died not too long after and the former 16yo cousin, Klara, was soon pregnant. (Sadly, she had 3 children with Alois within those first three 3 years, all of whom died within that 3-year period. She did later on have 3 more, including Adolf.)

Alois is described as a short-tempered man, constantly yelling at the kids, rough with Klara, picked on any of the family members when he was in a bad mood and drank excessively. And, from Wikipedia:

After Hitler and his oldest son Alois Jr. had a climactic and violent argument, Alois Jr. left home, and the elder Alois swore he would never give the boy a penny of inheritance beyond what the law required. According to reports, Alois Hitler liked to lord it over his neighbors.[19] 
Wow. What a great man! (sic) Does it comes as any surprise that Adolf ended up with issues? Although, I was reading that things with him didn't seem to get really triggered until after he'd been hospitalized in WWI. But maybe it's just that people didn't really see it before.

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