Saturday, March 17, 2012

Afternoon Casa :D

Let me think about how this week turned out...

Wednesday was Pi Day, so I made pie in the morning instead of doing Montessori stuff with my 4yo niece. Thursday... I don't think we ended up doing anything Thursday morning. I vacuumed the main level and I can't remember doing anything with her, so we probably didn't do anything.

Yesterday morning, I think she went off to play right away. But in the afternoon... Instead of following me around and asking me what she can do, she went right off and found the stack of sandpaper letters that we'd been working on and brought them to me. :D We went over the letters again at the table, did some I Spy with them, then the sandpaper letter hide-and-seek. She ADORES this game!!!

I will have to make a point of planning out other activities to do with her. She liked the red rods (I don't think I shared that the other day--we did the red rods on Monday) and she likes the sandpaper letters and numbers so far. Bit by bit, I'll keep adding things in!

My kids have been a bit neglected again. Must sit down and do some proper planning and prep this weekend.

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