Monday, March 7, 2011

Still plugging away!

We've had some up days and down days, but things are still progressing nicely. Today was a good day with ds, although I'm going to have to think more about more intricate lessons and follow-up work.

I decided to take on the idea of presenting lots of seeds (which is somewhat like the Charlotte Mason approach of covering many subjects in one day). We started with some handwriting--I did it with my left hand while he did it with his right, and I showed how to link letters together (used the letters a c d g and o today--and wrote "caca" LOL). He was fine with that. He was adamant about not doing math today, so we then looked at Canadian geography--a quick review of the provinces and then he went in and wrote in some abbreviations (his version lol). We had a look at a German vocabulary book where he picked out certain things and tried to say them and I would provide the correct pronunciation and then point out some of the roots to him. Then I read to him a story from a French program I bought to use last year, but didn't (once I had it, I didn't feel he was quite ready) and CM-style, asked him to tell me everything he could about it once I was done (my first real narration with him, I think!). It was a story about a cat that didn't eat mice and how he battled a dragon. The follow up work in the text (yes, I know, not a living book!) we had a good laugh about. "Is this story an imaginative story or about real life?" lol. "How do you know?" LOL.

So, we covered 4 things in a little under an hour. Crazy! But it worked well. I know part of our down days has been that I have not been providing enough variation to keep him interested and motivated to keep going with things. This was a nice change of pace, he enjoyed it, I enjoyed it; it was good. :)

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