Friday, February 25, 2011

You know you've watched "National Treasure" a lot when...

This morning's schooling time, after our prayer, started with doing a Canada puzzle map. Not a Montessori-style map, unfortunately, although maybe not so unfortunate since my children are older now and the challenge of it really got them and it was a good push on the seeing and thinking skills to figure out where certain pieces go. I will upload a picture of the finished product later on.

In any case, as we're doing the puzzle, ds sees in the lower right-hand corner "Legend". So he said it out loud, but in a mysterious sort of way. Dd then pops out with:

"The legend writ..."

To which ds promptly responded, "The stain affected."

Not sure who said what yet, but we messed it up a little and followed with, "Iron pen*," followed by someone else saying, "Undetected."

Oh, we had a good laugh when we realized we were going through an early scene in "National Treasure". It is one of our favourite movies!

(*The correct lines are:
The legend writ,
the stain affected
the key in Silence undetected,
fifty-five in iron pen
Mr. Matlack can't offend.)

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