Monday, February 14, 2011

A new week!

I don't feel as prepared for this week as last week. I need to get my game on!

What did I do differently from usual to prepare last week? I decided more things for *me* to do. So, what are things I can do this week:

*With my 2, review the Apostles' Creed as we did last week, do a different morning activity/lesson together each morning (biology today; history tomorrow; biology again on Wed.; maybe back to history on Thurs.); I can also add in some German each day, they have their own math to do (dd is back doing Beginning Algebra with Life of Fred; it's quite cute, as she gets frustrated by things that confuse her in it, but has made this mandatory for herself with comments like "If I want to have a future, I need to learn this math" lol), I want to work each day on handwriting with ds and dd has a French workbook she can work on.
*With everybody: look at some love poetry, given it's Valentine's Day an all. Look at a few different ones (will have to pick some right away and print off), if there's any kind of rhyme, then write our own--doesn't have to be a love poem, or maybe I could say it DOES have to be a love poem--but it can be about our pets or Playstations or what have you. Nobody said that love poetry couldn't be silly. ;)
*For my 3yo niece: Keep Gettman out and do as I was doing last week, selecting activities to pull out and show her.

I already have a list of work for the 16yo to get done today.

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