Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lack of routine is affecting me!

And all of us! I find I've hit a place where I'm not sure what to do: Do I figure out a way to plough through despite changes, or do I need to figure out a way to work with the changes in a better way?

What kind of changes?

Well, Monday, my nephew ended up spending the day with us instead of going to school.

Yesterday, my 5yo niece was with us.

Friday, they will both be here.

The little guy has not been here all week, but might come today and tomorrow. His presence actually affects us far less than when the number of older children is different.

This, on top of us all being tired and worn out and unmotivated and me suffering from sinus issues again, has meant almost nothing has been done work-wise. Kind of feeling like I need to have "sub plans" (like substitute teacher plans) for the olders who miss school here and there and are with us those days. Some way to incorporate them into our school day rather than having ds go off and play, or feel resentful because he has to do work while his cousins are here.

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