Saturday, January 29, 2011

From "Children Who Are Not Yet Paceful"

"I'm deeply dedicated to the truth that passion and joy can and should be the ground of the child's education. In over thirty years of working with children, I have found it to be not only possible but also practical and, yes, even sublimely essential to provide a learning environment for children in which they work passionately and find joy in their pursuits."

Isn't that wonderful? I strive for this. I think I've been going about it in the wrong way, but it is never too late to try something different. Again. :0 I did have this more in our early years. I lost it to a certain degree, but I hope to find it again! Or build it again.

On the same page, she mentions students meeting academic standards. This is the third thing this week that has brought up this idea; the other two specifically mentioned the local curriculum standards. I know I've been working on getting the lists together; I think it's time to really focus on these things in our daily routines.

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