Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Please Help 10-Year Old Jorge!

Imagine that early December, you got hit with a sudden, unexpected and out-of-your-control financial difficult. It's bad.

Imagine after that, you found out your 10-year old son has a large cancerous tumour in his chest. So large it's larger than his heart.

What does that feel like? 

A friend of mine, someone I've known since we were in elementary school, has a son in grade 5. I'll call him C. His best friend is Jorge, a young boy whose family is experiencing the above.

C has seen two beloved grandparents pass from cancer in recent years. He knows what it means. He has been found crying in bed at night. (And I can't type that without crying.)

Please, I ask all of you reading, pray for him and share this GoFundMe page. Yes, I want you to share it more than I want you to donate. I absolutely would like everybody to donate. I know that if all of my FB friends would donate just $10 each, the GoFundMe would go up by over $1300. That's just $10. So yes, of course, I would like you to donate, but I know that the reality is, the more people who see this, the more people will donate. So, if you do not feel called to donate, at the very least share this on Facebook, Twitter, your own webpage, anywhere and everywhere. They are in serious need and have not posted all of the details.


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