Saturday, September 12, 2015

First "Week" Done!

Our first "week" of school is done. I say "week" because, well, first of all, there were only 4 days this week. And then on Tuesday, I was gone with my daughter during the day as part of her transition to high school. Wednesday, my son and I looked over things that need to be covered this school year for credits and he did some math. Thursday and Friday, more work done, but then my daughter was home because it's orientation week and her orientation day was on Wednesday.

It's been a strange week.

Add to this, my husband (a teacher) had his first week back and is in the process of packing for a school trip that he, some other teachers and about 80 students are heading on for a couple of weeks. Strange week for him, too.

But it's been a decent week for our first week. It looks like we've already kind of fallen into a pattern of doing academics in the morning and other things in the afternoon. My son's trying to cut corners, of course ;), but it's been pretty good. Next week, it'll be academics in the morning and at least 2 other things in the afternoon, aside from guitar practice. Or perhaps I'll insist on 30 minutes of phys. ed. being done each day and then he picks at least one other thing. Other than guitar practice. That kid has been known to spend 2+ hours straight practising.

But even next week is going to be a different kind of week. I'm starting one French class Monday afternoon; it's a good thing we've already fallen into a "academics in the morning" pattern. I was hoping to get a phys. ed. group going on Tuesday, but I haven't figured anything out yet, so if we do anything, it'll be last-minute. I'm picking up my nieces and nephew after school on Wednesday. Friday, there's a homeschooler Mass and picnic (I think it's a picnic, I should probably check) that I will force my son to. ;) And my daughter will be in school all week for the first time ever.

I am finding, however, that already, there's a feel that things are very focused on what "has to" be done for credits rather than him appreciating the learning. Maybe it'll come as we explore more, or maybe we'll finish the requirements and I'll be able to say, "Just because we're dong the outside requirements doesn't mean we're going to stop learning." I think, though, he is feeling a bit of the "ugh" that we have certain social studies and science topics we have to do rather than just exploring what we would like. I can appreciate that. Hopefully I'll be able to make these requirements as enticing as possible.

Was this your first week back, too? How was your first week, whether it was this week or earlier?

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