Friday, June 5, 2015

I Want Summer to Start

What to do when you want to officially declare it summertime for you and your kids but one of your kids has work still to finish--to hand into an online school by a certain date, so there's no, "Oh, it can be finished during the summer sometime)?

I am soooo ready for summer holidays. Just take a week and do nothing before the reality of doing nothing hits and I start feeling like I need to do something--but it can be whatever I want it to be (well, within reason--I am trying to get the French instructional website ready and definitely to have the first level ready by Sept. 1).

The sun is out, temperatures are rising and I'd like to just go out for hikes and picnics and get my kids together with friends (or just other people in my son's case).

I can't put additional pressure on this particular child, although I have backed off from the other one's work requirements a bit. In addition to not being able to put more pressure on getting the work done, we've been hit by a virus--possibly viral meningitis--day 12 of being sick for her.

But I know it'll get done and really, what's to stop me from doing my own thing even though I have one child who has work to do--which really doesn't involve me much in the first place? Just my own thinking getting in the way.

It'd still be nice for us to all be done and I can just swoop them away to outdoor places or field trips and such.

When do your summer holidays start?

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  1. I was just writing up an e-mail to my son's TKD instructor about dates for things this summer, when I realized when the school year stuff starts again. There IS no let-up - just a change of some routine - between vacations, VBS, summer swim lessons, trainings that can't be done during the school year (because everyone is teaching).... then August is the start of school again and the religious ed program starts up middle of the month.

    Buh-bye summer and we've not even said hello yet. :(

    It's all good STUFF and we'll have some time outdoors.... but honestly, our schedule will quiet down when school does start up again - yes, routine classes that I teach or that my son participates in, but while everyone else is in school or doing homework, we get the run of our own schedule again ;)