Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Homeschooler Morning Routines

I had a realization today.

I don't remember the schedule my kids used to have. I do have a recollection of my kids having to be up by a certain time because the other homeschooled kids (from another family) were coming at a certain time and I didn't find it a good idea for my kids to still be in bed. I don't remember how long it took for them to get ready in the morning.

Me, now, I like to get up, I'll spend some time in prayer, maybe some spiritual or motivational reading, a bit of exercise and breakfast and then I'm tackling all of my tasks for the day--but that morning routine is part of my tasks for the day.

My daughter might spend a bit of time looking at her phone or iPad while she's walking downstairs, grabbing something to eat, but it's short-lived and upstairs she is getting ready for the day or starting work in her pjs.

My son is: Watch a video maybe before actually getting up, slowly get breakfast going, slowly eat breakfast while watching something on YouTube (it literally takes him at least twice as long as it "should" to finish a bowl of cereal), keep watching stuff on YouTube, and finally getting up, getting dressed (which feels like it takes forever, too) and then probably going to play guitar for an hour or two before doing school work. And then going back to guitar.

I was starting to heckle him a bit this morning about his taking so long to really get moving and get going on school work. But then I realize that his dad spends about 45 minutes or so just reading or looking at stuff on his phone/iPad and now I've realized I've got my own non-work routine that takes an hour or so... Just because I'm up earlier than he is doesn't mean he shouldn't have time to wake up and get ready for the day in his way!

I do still feel like, hey, you're spending too much time watching videos on your iPad. So, I've just told him it's the last video. But he's welcome to have other ways to get himself going in the morning, even if it takes longer than I think it should.

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