Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to School!

Well, not back to school, but back to schoolwork. ;)

Our school year officially started on Tuesday. I guess it's only now Thursday, but Tuesday feels like a lifetime away for some reason. I was completely unprepared for any kind of work Tuesday, my daughter slept until almost noon (she'd been at a sleepover the previous night and hadn't really gotten much sleep!) and so we went out for lunch and both kids got a pair of shoes to replace the ones their toes are reaching the ends on.

Wednesday (that was just yesterday? wow) we had a meeting with our teacher advisor to submit and discuss our plans for the year. The original decision to change how my 16-year old is registered got changed--she's decided she wants to give the online another go, wants that structure, wants to learn to just push ahead even if things aren't completely done (and I will add, done "right"--I think this is a way she is working on tackling her perfectionism a bit). And she got started on her biology course yesterday, which is good since it's a day before the teacher expects people to start. :)

My 13-year old son is still leaving everything in my hands. lol. Except that I told him Tuesday morning I would have work for him on Wednesday. I planned out all kinds of things, but with the idea that only what would take up maybe a couple hours in the morning was all I'd have him do. He ended up reading The Action Bible for over 2 hours. I had him read Day 1 of Writing Strands 4 as at least some sort of other work for the day. Today, I got him resuming his work with The Key to Decimals workbooks. My plan is to kind of alternate between that and the algebra. He just needs a little extra on the side with some basics; he's otherwise completely ready to go. My daughter has gotten an art assignment done and has decided to tackle one course at a time by focusing just on biology for now.

A gentle start, but can't let things stay too gentle for too long!!


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