Sunday, January 19, 2014

Missed Montessori Lesson

It would appear that I should have given a practical life lesson in how to open cereal bags:

The bag is cut, not ripped, at least. I asked my son--my 13-year old son--if he had trouble opening the bag. He looked at it and laughed the way he laughed when I asked him about the utensils and placemat and said, yes, he had. And didn't elaborate.

I sometimes feel like there are all kinds of basic Montessori lessons I didn't do enough with him (or at all). He is like the disheveled, clumsy, absent-minded professor, constantly in another world when he's not in the middle of reading, playing guitar or on electronics.This leads to opening the cereal bag like above, and his room constantly being a disaster, and his not knowing how long it's been since he had a shower and still making a mess with the milk most of the time when pouring milk into his cereal. He still stomps up and down the stairs, even though we have tried how many times to train him not to? I lovingly laugh as I think about all of this, he is just... so him. lol.

Think it's too late to have him do the Walking On the Line lesson and have it have an effect? lol


  1. Walk the line. It's great! Especially for adolescents. Does it help with all the stair-clunking.... well.... not so much in THIS home yet (he's 9, has always been a clunker and LOVES walking the line). Sigh. But it sure helps with focus, concentration, inner balance - in all other ways ;)

  2. I-am-your-son! Lol. Yes, I still drive my mother crazy! We're living with her right now and we're both quite on edge. Maybe I should try walking the line today :).