Friday, November 22, 2013

How's it going?

I thought I would just post a little update. :)

CM-style schooling... hasn't progressed. lol. We had at least a few weeks of illness and busyness and I dropped the ball a bit. Have restarted a little and trying to push on with my son. One of his weak areas has always been explaining things well. He can have a hard time finding his words and really providing details. CM is good for working on this, but I've decided not to do nearly as much narration with him as I have had people say I should do. We can read several pages, but he does best narrating right now with just a few sentences or paragraph. After, at times, a whole page, he can't really tell you anything, even often with guided questions. It is completely disruptive to the flow to be asking him to narrate every paragraph as had been suggested to me. And annoys, understandably, the heck out of him. I've started having him narrate a part and, if I'm reading aloud, then I narrate a part and we just finish enjoying the selection. I hate to admit it, but we still have not really done much science. *sigh* The part he likes the best. *sigh again*

My 16yo has gotten super stressed, overstressed, borderline depressed the stress is so overwhelming. If she were an adult working, I would have been recommending she take a leave of absence. We've been having good talks which help take the edge off, and then I started her on supplements Wednesday evening--omega-3 and St. John's Wort. I've also started having her take vitamin C that has added vitamin D in it and am looking at foods high in B vitamins since I'd much prefer changing her diet than adding on yet another supplement. It's likely the St. John's Wort having the most effect but even by last night, there was a marked difference in her. I am not going to be surprised today if she gets hung up on the fact she's so far behind in her school work now but I will simply remind her that it's not absolutely terrible if she finishes the two courses a little late and that her well-being is far more important than whether she finishes the courses by the end of the first semester or not!

She has also started a part-time job, which has added to the stress level, unfortunately, but that first pay stub the other day helped ease up on the stress. ;)

How is your homeschooling going? I saw things in Facebook about "everybody wants to quit homeschooling in November." Yes, I admit it, we've all wanted to quit--not homeschooling, but *schoolwork*. What about you?

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