Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crazy Tuesday!

I meant to check in yesterday to say how the day had gone.

As usual: Not at all as planned.

First, my nephew didn't come since he'd been invited to spend a couple of days with friends.

Then, when my nieces did arrive, the 7yo (K) didn't feel great, so she just wanted to be on the sofa with her DS. I let both girls play a bit. The weather was gloomy and things just felt weird, kwim? We also had a thunderstorm at 9:30-10 in the morning, then no rain until late afternoon. I kept busy with my own stuff rather than doing specific activities with the kids. Later in the morning, K asked if we could do salt dough. I said sure. So, I found a salt dough recipe online, made a small batch for them and then we had lunch. Not quite the routine I had in mind, but a start: the girls helped clear their things and then K mostly put the tablecloth on by herself. Right after lunch, I can't really remember. I know the girls ended up watching a movie... Hm. It was a weird day yesterday and it could be felt, one of those days where the energy of impending weather keeps building and building. We ended up on tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning in the afternoon, that kind of day.

Today, complete OPPOSITE start: the girls got here bubbly, giggly, noisy... and it lasted throughout the morning. Even while painting their salt dough creations. And going to the store. And doing this and that. Things have finally calmed down, but the weather has been building up and getting gloomier and everybody seems to be calming down. I still have not done any specific lessons with them, but that's okay. They did help with the lunch prep and cleared their places, then went on to do some quiet stuff right after. It's a lovely little routine. :)

Speaking of their salt dough creations, here they are:

 The 4yo's creation. My camera's a little damaged, but you can maybe make out the 3 eyes on each of her creatures? The smaller thing with just a ball is their breakfast plate or something like that. lol

Can't figure out why Blogger is insisting on rotating the picture and can't figure out how to change it!
K's creations. If you turn the first one slightly, it's like a big fish.

I definitely need to have a plan in place for tomorrow!

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