Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Charlotte Mason schools today

I had always just sort of assumed that there weren't any Charlotte Mason/PNEU schools today. I was wrong!

There are others, but I don't want to find the links right now. lol.

I have to say that one link I visited, I was somewhat disappointed to see them not stick with certain CM principles: the children were given HOMEWORK, which is a big no-no in CM. 30 minutes of reading starting in the early grades, with the possibility of an extra 30 minutes of other things (math, narration, other); in the upper grades, an hour of homework on top of the reading. This just seems so contrary.

Both Maria Montessori and Charlotte Mason were in agreement when it came to homework: none. School time ought to cover everything. Why is this one school not following it, despite supposedly being a CM school? They run from 8am to 3:25pm.

I guess I'm a nitpicky person. ;) When a school presents itself as a CM or Montessori school, I expect it to stick with obvious principles. A school inspired by or based on these methods would permit me to accept certain changes, but this school isn't supposed to just be inspired... Hm. They also have a far more academic kindergarten program than Charlotte Mason ever hinted at. It just feels like a very American school, using the CM approach for its classes, but ignoring certain principles. I've seen Montessori schools justify certain clearly non-Montessori changes, trying to claim that in these modern time, such and such thing (like homework) is necessary and it's been proven (sic)--to the point that at least one intimated that if Maria Montessori were alive today, she would likely have made that change.

(Ach, I just looked at another link and they've including some other approach in with CM! I don't get it! lol. I have to stop looking at these links! lol)

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