Friday, November 26, 2010


In terms of illness, I'm worse than yesterday, but I slept better, so that helps me be able think.

So far I've printed off one multiplication practice sheet that I got from Montessori for 10yo ds and created a handwriting practice sheet that I made with StartWrite. I'm trying to focus on just a few useful letters for write now and having him just trace, trace, trace. Today's sheet had e, l and s, to make the word "les" and then the letters of his name and then his name, broken up first into syllables, then once all together.

Need to get myself organized for the 16yo. I think dd is already pretty set--I printed off a blank map of the New England states yesterday, plus she has her French workbook and a math sheet already. Other than that, she has been working on her Christmas cross-stitch, practising playing Christmas carols on the piano and some reading. She's finding it tough to find some good things to read. Most of the stuff aimed at her age has to do with school, romances, vampires or a combination thereof. Doesn't interest her in the least. So I took out the movie "Little Women" yesterday as part of a plot to get her reading the book. After her experience with Pride and Prejudice and trying to read a Jane Austen novel she wasn't familiar with, she's a little leery about trying to read Little Women. If this works, the next one to try will be Anne of Green Gables. :)

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